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Hybrid Smart Wifi Plug with 2 USB Ports

Hybrid Smart Wifi Plug with 2 USB Ports

This smart home plug by ebryte acts as a 2-in-1 and offers one plug that you can control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. This smart plug also includes 2 USB outlets that can charge two devices simultaneously. Not only can use this smart plug to remotely control home appliances, but you will also receive the added convenience of being able to charge or power two devices using the USB ports. We believe smart plugs should be smart and this plug takes it to the next level. A smart plug that also acts as a charging station.

Perfect for a bedside table to remotely control a light with your voice and also to re-charge your smartphone and tablet overnight.


  • Control from anywhere: Enjoy the remote convenience of controlling any outlet in your home, whether you are home or away. ebryte Wi-Fi smart plugs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using the Alexa or Google Assistance App on your smartphone or tablet, you can control home lighting or appliances remotely.

  • Control with your Voice: Effortlessly control lights and other electronic appliances from anywhere with your voice. Whether you are in the home or using the App on your mobile device, you can give voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to turn on and off home devices.

  • Create Schedule: Conveniently use the schedule feature to automatically power on or off home devices, such as lights, fans, a coffee pot, or almost any home appliance that has a physical on/off toggle switch.

  • Countdown Timer: Get peace of mind by utilizing the countdown timer to set a specific time for lights or other home devices to shut off. Great for a light in a child’s room before bedtime.

  • USB Charging: Get the added benefit of this multipurpose plug with two (2) USB ports that can easily charge or power devices in addition to using the smart plug (AC outlet). You can control the USB ports independently from the AC outlet via the App.


This short 4-minute video walks through the simple & complete setup of the ebryte smart mini wifi plug in just a few steps. Watch along, as we perform a screen-by-screen walk through in the Smart Life App to setup this plug. It's truly a very simple process.

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