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Hybrid Smart Wifi Plug with 2 USB Ports

This smart home plug by ebryte acts as a 2-in-1 and offers one plug that you can control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. This smart plug also includes 2 USB outlets that can charge two devices simultaneously. Not only can use this smart plug to remotely control home appliances, but you will also receive the added convenience of being able to charge or power two devices using the USB ports. We believe smart plugs should be smart and this plug takes it to the next level. A smart plug that also acts as a charging station.

Perfect for a bedside table to remotely control a light with your voice and also to re-charge your smartphone and tablet overnight.

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Outdoor Smart Wifi Plug

This outdoor wifi plug is both smart & waterproof. Built with IP55 waterproof standards, this smart plug is built for the outdoors and is a perfect source of power for outdoor lighting and decorations. Perfect for powering lights around a patio or back deck and also remotely controlling yard decorations around the holidays or for any time of year or special event.

Take outdoor entertainment to the next level with the ebryte outdoor smart wifi plug. This plug offers 3 independently controlled smart AC outlets that also come with dust covers to add another layer of protection when used outdoors. When you're not using this plug outdoors, use it as a plug indoors powering multiple devices around your home.

Smart Mini Wifi Plug (4-Pack)

Change the way you live! Deploy ebryte smart plugs around your home and step into the home automation revolution. Start controlling lights, fans and other small appliances around the home by simply using your voice or via the Smart Life app on your smartphone. Setup of the ebryte smart plugs is very easy with the Smart Life App and should take less than 2 minutes to get these up and running in your home today.

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Smart Wifi Wall Outlet with USB Port

This smart wall outlet is a must for any smart home. These smart outlets are perfect for anyone's bedroom who are charging up personal devices, like smartphones and tablets, for a full charge the following day. They can also be used throughout your home in living rooms & home offices to remotely control lights as well as both powering or charging personal devices.

Both of the AC outlets are tamper resistant give you some peace of mind concerning child safety. In this plug the top AC outlet is a smart outlet as well as the USB port. The bottom AC outlet is 'Always On' and acts as a traditional AC outlet.

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