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This outdoor wifi plug is both smart & waterproof. Built with IP55 waterproof standards, this smart plug is built for the outdoors and is a perfect source of power for outdoor lighting and decorations. Perfect for powering lights around a patio or back deck and also remotely controlling yard decorations around the holidays or for any time of year or special event.


Take outdoor entertainment to the next level with the ebryte outdoor smart wifi plug. This plug offers 3 independently controlled smart AC outlets that also come with dust covers to add another layer of protection when used outdoors. When you're not using this plug outdoors, use it as a plug indoors powering multiple devices around your home.

Outdoor Smart Wifi Plug

    • Control from anywhere:  Turn on/off your outdoor lights (holiday decorations, patio or landscaping lights) or set schedules for each outlet remotely with your smartphone or tablet using the free Smart Life app. 
    • Weather Resistant & Superior Safety: Equipped with IP55 waterproof and that withstands damp or wet conditions for you and your devices' safety concern.
    • 3 Grounded AC Outlets: Control 3 sockets from anywhere together or separately with the single outdoor smart plug, saving you from plugging multi adapters. ONLY supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and NO hub required.
    • Smart Assistant Compatible: Simply give a voice command to operate your smart outlet with Alexa or Google Assistant; Give a unique name for each outlet to be easily recognized and controlled separately via Alexa.
    • Simple App Setup: Easily setup and connect the ebryte smart outdoor plugs via the Smart Life app in a matter of minutes.
  • This short video walks through the complete installation and setup of the ebryte smart wifi wall outlet. Watch along, as we perform a full installation and then a screen-by-screen walk through in the Smart Life App on how to setup this smart wall outlet.

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